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EDS Windows10 Tuner Features

Turn Windows 10 quickly & easy

Windows Defender helps protect your PC against malware (malicious software) like viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software. EDS Windows10 Tuner can help you Turn On or Off Windows Defender features.

How to Turn On or Off Windows Defender

The utility helps you completely Turn On or Turn Off Windows Defender for all users in Windows 10.

How to Turn On or Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection

In Windows 10 you can turn off Windows Defender real-time protection, but it will only be temporary. Windows will automatically turn real-time protection back on if it's off for a while. EDS Windows10 Tuner can completely turn off real-time protection.

How to Add or Remove Windows Defender context menu

This app helps to add or remove a Windows Defender desktop context menu for all users to be able to quickly open, update, update and quick scan, quick scan, or full scan with Windows Defender in Windows 10.

How to Hide or Show Windows Defender Notification Area Icon

EDS Windows10 Tuner helps you how to hide or show the Windows Defender notification area icon on the taskbar for your account in Windows 10.

Download EDS Windows10 Tuner Version: File Size:  0.7 MB

Platforms:  Windows 10
(no Mac OS/Linux support)

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